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sportsbettingOne of the greatest pastimes for Americans is sports, a part of our lives that would simply not be the same without the excitement of some thrilling USA Sports Betting added into the equation. USA Gambling Laws has quite a few dedicated sports fans on staff who like to challenge themselves when it comes to a winning season and that is where legal sports betting comes into the mixture.

Sports betting has always been a gray area when it comes to the legality of gambling. Bookmakers serve as the one who essentially sets the market for sports wagers that are based on whether or not a team wins or loses. The bookmaker will take bets on either outcome while keeping a spread (the vigorish) to make money regardless of who wins. Seems simple enough right? Well the truth of the matter is that some sports betting activities are in fact illegal. When most sports betting participants refer to their "bookies," they are generally describing a bookmaker, however, "bookies" are not legally permitted to accept financial compensation on the outcome of a sporting event.


At we not only provide our readers with information pertaining to gambling laws for both land based and online casinos. We also provide our readers an eagle eye review about online sportsbooks and what each individual sportsbook offers its players. We have over 10 years of experieince reviewing sportsbooks and much more combined with the amount of years wagering online. Some of the best sportsbooks from around the world can be found here, we will give you a quick snap shot of each before you choose to play.

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bovada Bovada Sportsbook, formally known as the popular sportsbook Bodog, is the worlds newest premier sports betting website. Bovada offers thousands of betting lines on events from around the world every day. Bovada Sportsbook is quickly becoming one of the most trusted sports books online today, which is quickly earning the respect of millions of players in the US and from around the globe. Check out our complete review and find the latest Bovada Bonuses to help you get started.

Visit Now | Read Full Review sportsbooks is by far one of the best online sportsbooks that still accepts USA players. offers mind blowing bonuses for new and returning players which is great if you don't like gambling with your own money. has earned a reputation for being one of the most trusted and secure online sportsbooks online today. With some of the mega sportsbooks leaving the US, has stepped its game up by continuing to offer US players a safehouse to wager online. Check out the latest offerings and information on

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BetOnline sportsbook is a powerhouse in the online sportsbook community. With betting lines on just about every sport known to man, finding the right line for you is easy. BetOnline has one the largest varieties of sporting events to wager on every day. BetOnline is not only known for its countless betting lines, but is also well known for its betting types which include straight bets, parlays, teasers, pleasers, monsters and if bets which makes BetOnline a perfect choice for a 1 stop shop of casino games, card rooms, and most importantly sports betting.

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