Gambling On The National Football League

Gambling on the NFL has never been easier than it is in 2023, with so many different ways to place wagers on the NFL at dozens of different legal online sportsbooks. This situation means that there are so many sportsbooks to sift through, and so many gambling sites available, that picking the best ones can be hard. In addition, keeping up with the ever-changing NFL gambling laws can be difficult as well. Luckily, we’ll cover both of those things on this page, from the NFL gambling laws to the best casinos to use.


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Bovada Sportsbook - Odds On Every NFL Game

Bovada features odds on every single NFL game, including the preseason and even the Hall Of Fame Game. These odds aren’t limited to just betting on the outcome of the game, as Bovada has a ton of different props available, and even offers both a prop builder tool and a parlay builder tool if you want to wager on something specific or esoteric. You should be able to find literally every possible NFL wager at Bovada, which is a big step up from many other sportsbooks, and Bovada is legally available in 45 states, which is more than FanDuel and DraftKings combined.


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BetOnline - Cryptocurrency + Credit Card NFL Betting

BetOnline’s claim to fame is that you can legally use it in 49 states, which means that it is arguably the single most viable online sportsbook for NFL gambling in America. BetOnline features wagering options on every NFL game, and their parlay builder can help you find the perfect parlay to place on each game. They accept multiple forms of cryptocurrency as well as credit and debit cards as primary deposit options across the US.

Best Online Sportsbooks

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NFL Gambling Laws

The NFL and gambling did not go together for a really long time, with the NFL doing everything they could to preserve the integrity of the sport. However, after the repeal of PASPA by the Supreme Court, NFL gambling laws became a hot topic of discussion as online sportsbooks became more and more accepted by the powers that be at the heart of the League. Now, almost every team in the NFL has an official sportsbook partner, and though players are specifically banned from wagering (shoutout to Calvin Ridley), you as a person are not.

There are no federal laws banning gambling on the NFL, and there are very few state laws that ban gambling as an act. Why is this? Well, state laws are almost always targeted at the providers of online gambling, and not at the consumers. Law enforcement doesn’t care that you gamble, they care about the people offering gambling. This is why so many of the best international sportsbooks are, well, international – they’re offshore, and can thus operate with impunity, while the fact that laws are targeted at them and not you means you can wager using them.

The UIGEA And NFL Betting

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed to deal with unlawful gambling operators. As long as you're using a legal gambling operator, this act will not matter to you at all. In fact, it won't matter regardless, since it's targeted at operators and not consumers of gambling products.

State Sports Gambling Laws

State sports gambling laws will be different depending on the state, and that applies to the NFL as well. Some states have regulated NFL betting within their borders using different state-regulated sportsbooks like DraftKings and FanDuel. Others have left their citizens without a state-regulated market, pushing them overseas to sportsbooks like Bovada and BetOnline. Both are viable options, but the usability of state-regulated sportsbooks varies depending on the state, while the overseas ones are always available.