USA State Gambling Laws

Each state has different gambling laws, and this page serves as the directory for all of them, giving you a good idea of how to navigate our state gambling law information glossary to find each piece of each state’s gambling laws.

State gambling laws can vary. They will often include or exclude certain types of gambling, and the definition of gambling can vary from state to state as well. Gambling ages will vary from state to state. However, there are two major federal laws that cover gambling that will not vary, and the general availability of gambling from state to state will also not vary.

What Kinds Of Gambling Are Available In All States?

Online casinos and gambling sites are available in all the states in the US. This means that you can use online casinos in every state. The same is true of online sportsbooks. However, the only ones that you can use are the ones that are accessible internationally. Any kind of state-regulated gambling is only available in that state. On the other hand, Bovada and Ignition, as international sportsbooks and casinos, are available across state lines, because they are international casinos.

Legal Gambling Sites In 45+ States

Gambling sites are available with varying regularity. The state-regulated ones cannot be used outside of their states. The international sites, on the other hand, are excellent options for those who wish to gamble no matter what state they are in. These sites can be used for any type of gambling, and are available across the US, with very few exceptions.

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Gambling Laws By State